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Apple Bend by Patrick Pierce

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Artist Information: In an increasingly virtual world the physical interaction with unyielding materials opens the way to authentic experience. I hold fast to the practice of art as the fiery connecting rod leading to and from the source of life.

I have worked for years from an early insight concerning the tension between the organic flowing forms expressive of growth, life, expansion, against the geometric, analytic forms of the mind, and the unity arising from their interplay.

Art opens the path to wholeness, unified being, integrating thought, reflection, feeling, action, essence. It's not embellishment, not decoration, but the very energy of the life force itself manifest, the natural and spontaneous expression of being.

The results are both sophisticated and brutish. I work directly with the materials. Hammering, carving, bending and shaping it to my will, I am following a script that unfolds as I read it. The work itself is the script. As improvisational as a jazz riff.

Creating this piece: It arose from the aftermath of a vicious winter storm that sundered an old apple tree, revealing the complex interwoven, inner structure that gave it strength and dignity. I was spurred to concentrate on that aspect and amplify it with carving and additional materials, copper and ebony n order to highlight its rough beauty.

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