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Daylily Quilt #2 by Betsy Chamberlain Habich

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Dimensions: 18”h x 14”w

Art Creation: Machine pieces using commercial cotton, cotton batting, threat and backing.

Methods: Machine pieced and quilted. Hand embroidery on the pistils and stamens.

Date completed: 2019

Artist Statement: I am inspired by the daily beauty and diversity of the natural world around me. Trying to capture its essence in my work involves close observation and thought. Daylily #2 is one in a series of small quilts made to celebrate the beautiful variations in this species, a staple in my flower gardens.

Artist Information: Betsy Habich’s work has been juried into both the Houston International and Paducah American Quilters Society Shows, and awarded at several regional shows. Betsy teaches thread-painting as well as the design and construction of pieced picture quilts, and accepts commissions. She lives in Beverly, MA with her husband, cats, and fabric stash.

For more information, see her Facebook page ‘Betsy Habich Quilts.

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