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March 2019 Newsletter

Local singer and songwriter Jud Caswell's third grade residency ended on a high note with all classes performing the songs they wrote at a concert for their families. Using the tunes from folk favorites, each class wrote song lyrics covering a wide range of topics from the great State of Maine to camping to their classroom. Mr DeCamilla's class wrote this chorus to the tune of Oh Susannah: HBS, So happy to be here. It's super fun and welcoming. And all our friends are near.

Jud Caswell with 3rd Graders

It may be cold outside but the 2nd graders will stay warm during their Mapping Movement residency with dance and yoga instructor, Elly Lovin! In the first of 3 sessions with her, they: warmed up their bodies through movement, learned about self space and shared space, reviewed the parts and function of a map, played a movement game called giants in the forest, and talked about different paths to take and demonstrated them.

Elly Lovin with 2nd Graders

Lights, Camera, Action! April is Showtime in 5th grade! Under the direction of the Barn Arts Collective, the children will take a story they know, create a screenplay, and film it.

Our 2019-2020 Call for Artists is out! Please help us find more amazing talented teaching artists to enhance Brunswick elementary students' academic experience. Email to learn more. Deadline is April 1.

Contact Arts Are Elementary:, (207) 798-2900, P.O. Box 882, Brunswick, ME 04011

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