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Since 1980, we have brought visual artists, writers and performers into the Brunswick elementary schools, reaching all children in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade with fun, inspiring models and a myriad of wonderful opportunities for creative expression.
Click here to see a little movie about our 30th anniversary year's residencies!

So many studies have shown that the arts enrich education in all subjects, from literature to science. We experience it in every classroom: shy students eager to participate; teachers seeing a new slant on curriculum; science and dance, music and math, history and many ways to encourage learning, enhance creativity and foster critical thinking skills. 


Arts Are Elementary works to connect visiting artists with each grade's curriculum and each school's broader learning goals to illuminate studies and offer unique perspectives. Students' responses are inspiring!

Most artists work directly with children in the classroom, some also provide in-school and public performances.  Through these residencies and special concerts, students explore a wide range of art forms from cultures around the world. Stepping outside of their day to day routine, they learn to take risks and entertain new ideas.


Why bring arts into the schools?  The answer is simple: because arts ARE elementary, essential to every aspect of a child's education.  

We all benefit when we gather for a public performance, or an exhibition... When our experience of Community includes the creative and collaborative effort of family, friends, and neighbors... and when our children teach us new ways of learning. Art Builds and Strengthens Community. 

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