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2019-20 Residencies

  • "Yup, That's Me!” Kindergarten will be seeing, showing, and expressing themselves with mixed media artist Bridget Matros.”

  • 1st Grade and Multi Age will learn how the predictable cycles of day to night and the changing of the seasons influence life on earth through the sharing of folktales, songs, and movement games, with Jennifer Armstrong.

  • 2nd Grade will be creeping and crawling with Gretchen Berg to enhance their study of arthropods through physical theater.

  • 3rd Grade will explore the connection between art and poetry during their residency with Dawn Prindall & Virginia Brown.

  • 4th grade will work with Kate & Laura of Unwritten Roads to write and perform a mockumentary interview style film featuring famous Mainers from history.

  • 5th grade will be learning about the role of cartography and scientific illustration in the exploration era creating their own maps and illustrations with Jill Osgood.

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