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April 2019 Newsletter

We believe that the Arts are Elementary to learning. Our mission is to spark curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking through arts integration in all Brunswick elementary schools and raise awareness of the arts in the local community.

The second graders wrapped up their time with Elly Lovin in March and the multi-age classes are now on the move. Everyone loves Elly's Mapping with Motion residency that teaches the students stage directions, axial and locomotor movements as well as different ways to move on a path. They create their own movement maps and then perform them for their classmates. (Don't worry, Mrs. Stinson and Mrs. Erb's classes will get in on the action after April break).

Lights, Camera, Action! April is Showtime in 5th grade! Under the direction Brittany Parker of the Barn Arts Collective, the children will take a story they know, create a screenplay and film it after April vacation.

The deadline for our 2019-2020 Call for Artists has passed. In collaboration with the schools, we'll be reviewing and selecting the 2019-20 artist residencies at the end of April. Stay tuned for the big reveal in May.

Contact Arts Are Elementary:, (207) 798-2900, P.O. Box 882, Brunswick, ME 04011

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