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May 2019 Newsletter

We believe that the Arts are Elementary to learning. Our mission is to spark curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking through arts integration in all Brunswick elementary schools and raise awareness of the arts in the local community.

5th grade was busy with Brittany Parker last month! In small groups, the students chose a scene to act out from a book they'd read. They were filmed acting out their scene in front of a green screen. Stay tuned for an opportunity to view the films.

The Multi-agers' residency with Elly Lovin is complete. Elly's Mapping with Motion residency taught the students stage directions, axial and locomotor movements as well as different ways to move on a path. They created their own movement maps and then performed them for their classmates.

Bridget Matros will be back to Kindergarten in June. We can't wait to see how she wraps up her fabulous residency.

SAVE THE DATE! Our 2nd annual Evening with Art is Sat. Sept. 28 at the Daniel 6 to 9 pm.

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